We maintain a clean, bright, and climate controlled facility.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the latest equipment and tooling.  Our continual investment in new equipment, software, and technology enable us to provide innovative manufacturing solutions to our customers.

Downloadable Capabilities Overview

Engineering Highlights

  • We can provide complete drawings and models of new products and designs.
  • We can provide updated Solidworks drawings of components modeled in older, outdated software.  This can reduce the burden on engineering teams, freeing them to work on the next big thing.
  • We can machine directly from customer supplied solid models, thus preserving geometric and dimensional accuracy of the modeled component.
  • We can inspect to customer supplied solid models, preserving features and tolerances, all while eliminating transposition errors introduced when manually inspecting.
  • Because of our extensive experience and engineering knowledge, we can provide manufacturability suggestions that reduce manufacturing costs while preserving the intended function of the part or component.
  • We can engineer and provide assembly jigs and instructions for your production line.  This can reduce the workload on in house engineering teams.

Milling Highlights

  • High speed machining with Brother Mill-Tap Centers.
  • Incredible 8000 rpm tapping capabilities with Brother Mill-Tap Centers - perfect for  producing high precision threads as small as 0-80.
  • Long milling capabilities - we can mill up to 59" continuously - perfect for long parts that have features spread out or require features that are long and flat.  Other shops may shift the part and re-fixture at the expense of feature alignment.
  • Quick change over - Operation change over in less then 15 minutes in some cases - perfect for small to medium lot machining with short turnaround.

Turning Highlights

  • Bar fed operations - perfect for larger orders.
  • High speed gang style lathe - perfect for large orders of small plastic and aluminum turned parts.
  • 3 axis turning with live tooling - perfect for parts with simple cross holes or milled features.
  • Heavy duty 6 axis turning with sub spindle - perfect for double sided turned parts with milled features.
  • Secondary operations on SWI lathes - perfect for simple features on backsides of turned parts.  

Facilities and Equipment List

CNC Equipment

Feeler HT-30SY
6 axis lathe with sub spindle, Y axis, and live tooling
Ø 15.00” max X 30.00” - Ø 30.00” max swing
Ø 3.00” spindle capacity

Gildemeister CTX 310
3 axis lathe with live tooling
Ø 19.9” max X 17.7”
Ø 2.05” spindle capacity

Hyundai Kia SKT15
2 axis lathe - LNS Bar Feeder
Ø 21.7” max X 16.1”
Ø 1.77” spindle capacity

SNK Prodigy GT-27 Gang Lathe
2 axis high speed lathe with live tooling - LNS Bar Feeder
Ø 1.05” spindle capacity

(2) LX2 CNC Lathes
Ø 18.8” max x 40”

(2) SWI MX3 3 Axis Milling Machines
31.750” x 17” x 20+” Cube

Brother TC-32Bn QT High Speed Tapping Center
22” x 15.5” x 15” Cube - 16k Spindle
8k tapping RPM - Quick change pallet

(2) Brother TC-S2C-O High Speed Tapping Center
27.5” x 15.5” x 12” Cube - 10k spindle - 4th Axis

(2) SWI FHM7 Milling Machine – Long Bed
59.0” x 23.5” x 20.5” Cube - 4th Axis

(2) SWI LPM Milling Machine – Quick Change Over
31” x 18.5” x 21” Cube – 4th Axis

Fortune Vcenter-70 VMC
27.55” x 18.11” x 20” Cube - 10k Spindle - 4th axis

(2) 2 axis MX2 Milling Machines

Inspection Equipment

Zeiss DuraMax CMM
20"x20"x20" cube
Vast XXT Scanning Sensor
Calypso Measuring Software

Fowler Trimos Height Stand
Various Hand Tools and Gages

Rapid Prototyping

Dimension SST 768 Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
203mm X 203mm X 305mm (8” x 8” x 12”) build size
Functional ABS Plastic in standard white, blue, yellow, black, red, green, or steel gray. Custom colors available.

Manual and Fabrication Equipment

(2) DSM style hand screw machine
(2) Brother precision syncro-tapper
80 ton Thompson clamshell die cutter
24 inch hand brake
Vibratory finishers
assorted diacro hand punches and notchers
48 inch press brake
Branson ultrasonic welders
10 inch Powermatic table saw w/ sliding table
Buffing and polishing equipment